Roadmap 2021

Roadmap 2021

Bene Homini is an experiment. Our goal is to reinforce the role of science and empathy in modern society by encouraging a centrist approach to life. Rather than rallying around a far-left or far-right ideological banner, Bene Homini encourages data-driven beliefs based on mainstream media, peer-reviewed research, and caring for everyone regardless of their place or role in society.

Bene Homini is a progressive experiment. While we want it to be centrist, we also want to see the world around us improve for everyone. We want to see progress in fighting hunger, poverty, and crime. But we believe that this can only happen if we try to solve the underlying causes. So we seek solutions that are win-win for everyone.

For example, if people are hungry, why are they hungry? What can we do about it as a society? Which efforts are most effective? Finding the answers requires a scientific approach. Try experiments and see which ones work best. Or even better, look at research built on techniques that others have tried already. Rather than expect a single solution that will solve all problems, recognize that everyone is different. Circumstances change. Causes change. Answers have to match the cause, so we have to find multiple ways of tackling the problem.

Bene Homini is a long-term experiment. We aren't interested in reacting to current events or trying to fix everything right away. Instead, we want to find strategic interventions that can have considerable impact decades or centuries later. Consider how the Clock of the Long Now changes your perspective.

So what's in store for 2021? We can hope that most people get the Covid-19 vaccine. We can hope for a peaceful transition of power in the U.S. But those are outside the scope of Bene Homini.

Our goal for Bene Homini is more prosaic.

By the end of 2021, we will have a regular publication schedule of forward-thinking articles covering a wide range of topics about ourselves, our communities, and our world, with perspectives ranging from near term to very long term. This means publishing about forty-five new articles.

That's it—a single goal. But we're thinking long-term. We aren't trying to do everything at once. Flesh out some ideas. Build an audience. At the end of 2021, take stock and see what we want to do in 2022.

We want to build a community of like-minded people who care about the long-term and want solutions to benefit everyone. But we aren't trying to do this all at once—one step at a time.