Bene Homini is Latin for “[doing] well/rightly/kindly [for/by] a person.” This idea can take many forms. For example, we don’t do what we do because we seek recognition. Instead, we do what we do to make the world a better place for everyone.

We balance the liberal ideal of individual freedom and the conservative need for collective action. We welcome everyone from all walks of life to join together in community and common cause.

All our actions should show moderation and empathy: to ourselves, those around us, and our world. We must care for ourselves first before we can care for others. We must ensure the security of our community before we can ensure the safety of our world for future generations.

Empathy has no place for tribalism. Whether it’s our neighbors across the street or our neighbors halfway around the world, we are all human and deserving of the same empathy. We must act together as we face the future.