This website is built with Ghost using the default theme. The service runs in a Kubernetes cluster with a MySQL database hosted in Amazon Web Services. This presents a low marginal cost since the site shares its infrastructure with a small number of other websites.

Front Page

The Bene Homini text logo was developed in OmniGraffle using the Copperplate typeface. We created the Bene Homini spiral logo as an SVG graphic with JavaScript.

Website Content Management System: Ghost

Even though WordPress might seem a natural fit, Ghost has better performance and is easier to maintain in a Kubernetes environment. In addition, Ghost has everything we need for the site: posts, pages, and memberships.

Analytics: Simple Analytics

We respect your privacy, so we use Simple Analytics to count visits and page views. See what Simple Analytics collects and their privacy policy for more information. Generally, we only see counts of page views, countries, screen dimensions, and browser brands.